Frozen Etive Mor Waterfall


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This is the wonderful Etive Mor Waterfall on the River Coupall! In the foreground, the water froze to make some wonderful patters. The background is dominated by the mighty Buachaille Etive Mor. Located only a few minutes away from where you can leave your car, this one is probably one of the easiest yet most beautiful images to bag from the Scottish Highlands. The only caveat is that 9 times out of 10, the path to get to it is so boggy you risk losing a boot! It’s never 100% easy, is it? In this case however, the ambient temp was below freezing, and made for an interesting foreground!

If you are touring through Glen Coe, especially when driving towards Glen Etive, the Etive Mor Waterfall is a must stop for anyone as you get a beautiful view of the Buachaille. Do you fancy a hot drink or some food? No problem! Close by there’s the Kingshouse Hotel. You can find more information about it here Kingshouse Hotel | Hotel and Bunkhouse in Glencoe | Book now.

I have also included some info about Glen Coe in one of my blog posts here: Some of The Most Beautiful Winter Spots in Scotland – My Saturday Drive.

I have visited this spot many a times. My favourite time has to be during winter though, as the conditions are always unique. The cold can be managed, but the midges during summer?? No thanks!

Hope you enjoy it!




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