Eilean Donan Castle In Winter


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Located on a small tidal island where three lochs meet, Eilean Donan Castle is a jewel of the Scottish highlands! Pictured here during a wonderful bright winter’s day, from the hill right across it.

Had the pleasure of visiting this castle back in 2019 and it was a wonderful experience learning about its history. I particularly enjoyed the kitchen which was fully kitted out with decorative food and even mannequins making you feel like you were a part of the scene.

This image was taken while on a trip to the Isle of Skye in early 2020. We saw that the light was really good and drove up the wee hill right across the castle. Mounted the 70-200mm lens to the camera and took this iconic shot. The beautiful high clouds, the smoke from the chimney, the background hills touched by the sun and the people walking next to the castle all add up to an amazing scene, giving it story and depth.

Makes you wonder, what were the two talking about? From a far, you’d think they were residents. Also, what do you think it was like to be in the room with the fireplace? I think it would be magical, especially after a day of exploring and hiking in the winter wonderland in the hills!

Put this on your wall and have a wee think yourself about the image and the story behind it! Get lost in this beautiful Scottish scenery and for a moment, feel like you live in Eilean Donan Castle!

If you made it this far down, I wrote a wee bit about it here Top 5 Best Drives Around Scotland – My Saturday Drive.

You can also learn more about Eilean Donan Castle here Eilean Donan – Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland (eileandonancastle.com)

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