Croy Beach Winter’s Sunset


Printed on A3 size Fine Art Baryta Paper Size: 30 x 45 cm

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Croy Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in south-east Ayrshire. It is pictured here during a cold but wonderful winter sunset.

There’s a print of a sunset with Ailsa Craig here if you are interested. Ailsa Craig Sunset – My Saturday Drive

I have also written about some of the best beaches in Scotland in a wee blog post here: The Best Beaches in Scotland – My Saturday Drive

If you would like to stay there for a holiday, there are some wonderful caravans for hire here: Home (

I personally really love Croy Beach. To me, it’s a wee gem on the west coast of Scotland. Not many people know about it as most of the time folk would go to Irvine or Ayr. Especially when the tide is out, the beach is huge and you can spend pretty much the whole day wondering about. I love visiting it both in the summer and in the winter. During the summer, the water is crystal clear and on a hot still day, there are basically no waves and the ocean becomes your own swimming pool. If the sky is clear at night, you get amazing views of the stars.

Although more nippy during winter, the beach is equally beautiful with stunning sunsets just like the one on this print. I hope you enjoy it!



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