Ford Fiesta 1.0 Review – The Best Car to Tour Scotland

Call me biased, but I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world because of its culture, heritage, and scenery.  As someone who really likes driving and exploring, I feel like I am spoiled for choice here and if money and time weren’t an object, I would happily cruise around Scotland for years to come and still find new and exciting places.

With this in mind, one can’t help but ask themselves the question: what is the best car to cruise around the beautiful roads that this country has to offer? Is it one of the big three supercars: Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488 or McLaren 720s? Is it the absolute “Beast of the Green Hell”, the Mercedes AMG or the precision instrument that the Porche GT3RS is?

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Drummond Castle Gardens

There is no question about it – I am a summer person. To me, nothing can replace the long days, the warmth of the sun and the general feeling of freedom and “holiday mode” you get between the months of May and September.

For the majority of the time, even here in Scotland, summer is a wonderful season where nature gets to showcase a lot of its beauty and glory and makes it really easy for anybody to get outdoors and spend a lot of time surrounded by the elements, something that I am a huge advocate of. You don’t need high end climbing equipment to enjoy a small to medium sized Munro, parks are available galore to go for walks with friends and family or even enjoy a nice ole barbeque and beaches are literally everywhere in Scotland to help you escape the daily city life.

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Driving to Iona and Mull Part 3

Previously, in Part 2, we made our way across Isle of Mull, from Craignure to Fionnphort. Then, we took a short ferry and arrived on Iona and we were greeted by amazing weather and spectacular scenery. Exploring the island took us the whole day and due to your favorite blogger’s numptyness for not wearing appropriate footwear, although sad to wave good bye to this extraordinary place, we were glad we caught the last ferry back to Mull, where our accommodation was for the night.

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