The Best Beaches in Scotland

It’s summer time (yes, here in SCOTLAND too)! Summer officially kicks off on the 20th of June, right after the summer solstice – the longest day of the year. And boy is it long! So long in fact that a buddying photographer (yours truly) can attempt to do a sunset and a sunrise shoot all in one go given that up here it doesn’t really get that dark and the “night” only lasts a couple of hours! A great way to spend a night on top of a mountain but more on that later!

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Top 5 Best Drives Around Scotland

Hi everyone! It sure is good to find a little time to write a new post! As I am writing this, My Saturday Drive has just turned 1 year old! Although I haven’t been the most active blogger, I have been a fairly busy traveler and photographer (dodges boo’s and random food items being flung at him)!

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