Top 5 Best Drives Around Scotland

Hi everyone! It sure is good to find a little time to write a new post! As I am writing this, My Saturday Drive has just turned 1 year old! Although I haven’t been the most active blogger, I have been a fairly busy traveler and photographer (dodges boo’s and random food items being flung at him)!

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Visit Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle

Welcome back to another article, during another sporadic burst of creative moments, from yours truly!

I hope you all have been enjoying my photos from Inveraray Castle on My Saturday Drive’s Instagram and Facebook pages. I thought it would also be a good idea to leave some sort of text accompanying these images to give them some context and hopefully provide you with a little bit of information should you decide to visit Inveraray Castle!

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Visit Isle of Skye

After more than a month of hiatus, My Saturday Drive is back on your screens with a fresh new blog! Making no promises, I will try to write more often. My original schedule was once every 2 weeks and I will try to stick to that. Otherwise, there are daily updates on Instagram and Facebook where I post photos I capture from various drives so do make sure to follow like and message. We’re starting to build a little community on those social pages and it is great to talk to you all and hear your stories.

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