A Day Trip to The Scottish Highlands

Glenfinnan and Camusdarach

Did you know that 83.2% of Glaswegians have never been further north than Loch Lomond?

Did you also know that this kind of statistic does not exist?!

Seriously though, recently, I have been surprised to learn that the majority of Scottish people I’ve chatted to said they’ve never actually been anywhere in Scotland.

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Some of The Most Beautiful Winter Spots in Scotland

We’ve had a fantastic autumn season here in Scotland this year. For the most part, I am happy that I got to experience it as much as I could. I hope that, wherever you are, you did too. I am happy that this year I kept saying to myself to pull myself back from the rush of the moment and just enjoy a place for a few minutes, not just rush from one location to another trying to “chase light” or get that perfectly timed shot.

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Top Things To Do on The North East Coast of Scotland

Raise your digital hands who has not heard of the North Coast 500 tour around Scotland? I am waiting. Anyone? Aye, I thought so!

If you’ve ever been interested in Scotland, you will have likely come across the ultimate Scottish road trip – the North Coast 500 (NC500). Often compared to Route 66 in the United States of America, NC500 takes you on a loop of the entire north coast of Scotland, starting and ending in Inverness.

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