Am I right in saying that the daily drive is becoming more and more difficult lately?


It seems that every morning we are greeted with an increased amount of traffic. People seem to be losing their patience more easily, potholes just keep on getting wider, speed traps appear everywhere, roadworks go on for weeks and when you think they finally go away they come back a couple of days later.

Spending some time on the interwebs and reading through forums makes me feel like I am not the only one feeling like this. You can probably agree with me when I say that the driving standard is declining, roads are getting suffocated and that authorities seem to not give two tosses about it.

Despite all of this, however, there is that one weekend morning when all of the negatives seem to vanish. All of a sudden you see the National Speed Limit (NSL) sign, your eyes look up and there is nothing but a slow Honda Jazz in front of you. Your brain switches to full scanning mode and you see the opportunity. A quick rev-match brings you into 3rd, the engine blips fast and true, smooth enough to make a double clutch blush. You feel the adrenaline rush as you warp past the slow moving vehicle.

You don’t see the Jazz in the rear view anymore. You turn your stereo off. Your taco and speedo are all blurred. Normally 4000 rpm sounds harsh but now all you hear is the smooth sound of your engine just beginning to enter its power band. All you see is the road ahead of you. You feel the engine when you press the clutch and accelerator. You know exactly where the front wheels are right through the steering column and you can swear you could feel every bit of the road surface. You and your car become one. YOU are DRIVING!


I think you are here because we both agree that there is no better feeling than the satisfaction we get when we interact with our cars. There’s just something great about being in control of the vehicle and being so in tune with every aspect of the road. Your grip on the steering wheel loosens up but at the same time your inputs are made with laser precision. You know exactly how much throttle/break/steering to put in through a corner without even thinking. Your pupils dilate, your cheeks blush and your heart starts pounding. You can’t hear much or smell but your sight seems to be dialed to 11. There is nothing that matters in this moment but you and the road.

Through this blog I will try to inspire you to get out for a drive, not because you have to go to work, pick the kids up or get groceries, but because you want to. I will endeavor to share with you my driving experiences as I explore what I think are the most beautiful roads in the world.


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